Lake Geneva Realty Experts


This is our “turf”. More than 25 years ago, we started our vacation property management business, “House Check”, in Lake Geneva with the sole purpose of watching over homes while owners are away. To this day, Michael, Peggy and son Ryan-personally check on 100 plus vacation homes primarily on Geneva lake, every week. We are on call 24/7 for any property emergencies.

Completely engrossed for over a quarter century in the business of second homes has naturally provided us with exclusive insight and a more comprehensive understanding of what and how things go after the sale. Additionally, by physically being in so many homes and learning the ins-and outs of each one, we understand the differences and unique qualities that are frankly critical to matching buyers with homes. These critical differences are often overlooked or simply not even comprehended by most agents.

Buy a Lake Geneva Home with Confidence

For buying and selling Geneva Lake vacation homes, Team Bentley is pretty hard to beat. Our longstanding personal relationships with tradespeople, banks, lenders, builders and businesses mean that we can confidently point you in the right direction in all aspects of your transaction, as well as future development, improvement, maintenance and management of your home. If you have dealt with common vacation home type issues for this long, you establish time tested and proven relationships with the best people available. We know what we are talking about, we “know the turf”.

Let us put our proven knowledge, experience, and relationships to work for you. We cannot be outworked and we cannot be “outsourced” for competent referrals.