Sales are up in Abbey Springs!


Abbey Springs is by far one of our favorite condo developments in the Geneva Lakes area. As previously mentioned by this blogger, the primary reason it leaps ahead of other developments is because it has frontage on Geneva Lake , which is available to all residents.  We (along with many other people) also love it because Abbey Springs has lots and lots of trees.  The people in charge also keep things very nice such as common areas, golf course, swimming pools, recreation center, restaurants and grounds. There is a lot to do there, it is safe and very lovely.

Apparently other people felt that way last year as well.  According to sales information gathered from the multiple listing service, In 2016, 40 units sold for $13,379,922.  That is substantially greater than the 22 units for $7,591,419 sold in 2015 or the 20 units for $7,166,500sold in 2014.

They are at it again, serving dinner at the Clubhouse Grille until the Yacht Club kitchen renovation project is completed.  (Abbey Springs news letter insert)You gotta like the idea of a class development striving to keep getting better.

We have 2 very nice property offerings in Abbey Springs. (Need Medina and Rolling Green listings here) Both can be full time or second homes, can accommodate many guests and create fabulous memories with ease.  These homes “live” very well.  Give us a call and we will gladly show you what is so impressive about Abbey Springs, located in the absolutely charming community of Fontana on the western shores of fabulous Geneva Lake.


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