Low Supply High Demand…..

For most of us, life is (or we make it) quite complicated indeed.

When analyzing and rationalizing the micro and macro events that directly and maybe indirectly have an impact on our lives each day, we inspect and dissect the layers of complexity  to figure out answers and  “reasons”.

Sometimes the answers to all our questions maybe are not that complicated at all.  It might be true that in fact most of life’s little puzzles are essentially much simpler to explain than we think or want them to be.

Lets take real estate around Geneva Lake for example.  There are  a fair amount of listings (72 lake front or lake rights listings on Geneva)but many of them have been on the market for a good long time and are frankly sort of picked over.  You probably could say that in many cases they are priced too high in the minds of the buyers, and of course those buyers are an important cog in the real estate equation.

Speaking of  buyers, there happen to be many of them circling in our personal sphere and also from talking to other agents we know they have lots of buyers as well.

This leads me to conclude that in the case of the real estate market for lake front and lake access homes on Geneva, the state of the market can be explained by these simple words, LOW SUPPLY AND HIGH DEMAND.

The buyers are out there now and they want to buy good solid, fairly priced properties with an attachment to this lake.

If you have an attractive offering and you wish to price it at the prevailing (up-trending) market price, you will get activity and should be able to sell your property.

Call us today to discuss your property and we will tell you in simple terms how to get your property sold.

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