Run over at dusk? not for me…

This coming Saturday we are moving the clock forward one hour. It will get light one hour earlier in the morning and get dark an hour earlier in the afternoon.  The dark part in the afternoon is the problem.

We are walkers and sometimes we get home and walk at 4;00 to 5:00. Fine for  now but pretty soon it will be getting dark by this time.  If you walk (or drive actually) it is important to know that if people walking do not have bright reflective clothing on when the sun goes down, they are very hard to see.

We were driving in Fontana 2 weeks ago heading up the hill on 67 at dusk and 2 women were on the right hand side of 67 (perhaps walking to the gas station on 67).  They were dressed in dark clothing and we did not see them until we were right on top of them.  If they would have been in the road, we would probably have hit them with our car.  One of the women put out her arms, palms up like ” you could have killed us” and I should have turned around and informed her of the fact that we could not see them with the clothing they were wearing.

Moral of the story here is that if you are walking and the sun is going down, you need bright reflective clothing. (If you are walking your dogs there are reflective collars, leashes and jackets for them as well). If you are driving at the same time, watch for deer but also watch and be careful for people.  I would much prefer not be the killer or the killee in a car accident with a pedestrian any time, but especially not now, knowing full well how hard it is to see people walking at dusk.

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