DIY #shiplap tips!

Are you semi handy? Do you enjoy small home projects?  Well with all the hype about #shiplap doesn’t hurt to jump on the Chip & Johanna Gaines bandwagon and add a little shiplap to your life.

While remodeling our basement we had a recessed section we were using for a home office space.  I decided to shiplap the back wall and add a different texture and element to the room.  True Shiplap is a rabbit edge pine planks.  This is to allow the edges of the boards to overlap.  Many alternatives such as tongue and groove are used also to get the similar effect.  Either way very easy to install!

I was seeking the true shiplap so if you live in the Lake Geneva area, I highly recommend Dunn Lumber for your ordering.  It come in 8 and 10 in boards.  I chose 10… and they were 14 feet long approximately.  It comes in pine and cedar so for those who love the wood look opt for the cedar.  Great service and they had in in a day or two…. Unlike Home Depot who was backordered for many many weeks and reviews state there was significant damaged boards.  So please support local and receive great service and product!

We primed and painted the boards white prior to install. Get out the nail gun, level, glue, chop saw and T square and get dedicate a day to hanging your ship lap wall.  We started at the ceiling to hide and sin or un-level areas at the ground level to be covered by the baseboard.  Also, I preferred a full board look at the ceiling. While nothing is ever square and each board requires to be measured and cut.  Remember you have a little wiggle room as that’s what quarter round is for.  We used the T Square as a guide measurement in between the boards. You can also use paint sticks or nickels.  If your boards are not long enough for the area you are shiplapping, make sure to think ahead when cutting and stager your joints.  Staggering esthetically looks better than straight lines up the wall.

Installing shiplap can be forgiving and you can always take the board off and try again. We did once or twice 😉

Here are a few pics of Matt aka #mychipgaines hanging our shiplap wall





Get creative, add some new flare to your home that will put a smile on your face every time you walk by.


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