Buyers are waiting, now is the time to list!

We have just gotten 4 accepted offers in the last 2 weeks.  On those properties, we have had other agents calling us wanting to show the properties but we had to tell them that we have an accepted offer. A lot of our listings are second/vacation homes and three of the four of these accepted offers have been on “second homes”.

We have buyers right now and we know from talking to other agents that they also have buyers right now ready, willing and able to sign on the dotted line if they find what they want in a property.

Naturally we (The Bentley Team), also feel that placing the home with the right agent has a lot to do with the ultimate outcome when trying to sell your home.  Since we do know as much as anyone about the second home market , and knowing your success depends largely on who you list with, we would love to talk to you about marketing your home.  We have the knowledge, experience, time, commitment and history of success that is needed to maximize the chances of selling your home for as much and as quickly as possible.

It all starts with a call

The perfect property in Lake Geneva is waiting for you.